Green Net World Latest User License Agreement

Notice to User: Green Net World (Fujian) Network Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as "Green Net World") reminds you to carefully read the " End User License Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"). If you have any objections to the following terms, please stop downloading, installing, or using this software immediately. Otherwise, your download, install, or using behaviors will be seen as a mutual agreement between both parties. This agreement is a binding legal agreement between you (any individual, corporate or institutional organization) and Green Net World, the copyright holder of green e-surfing platform software (hereinafter referred to as "Software" or "Software Product"). Before you use this software, be sure you’ve already read the Agreement. Once you’ve downloaded, installed, copied, accessed or used this software in other ways, it means that you agree to be bound by the terms in this Agreement. Green Net World (Fujian) Network Technologies Inc, copyright owner of this software, is entitled to update this Agreement as required without notice. If the terms of this Agreement have any changes, Green Net World will announce updates in this software or show on website. Once official announcement is released, the updated agreement is effective and will replace the original on. You can login on software or website for the latest version of the Agreement, if you do not accept the revised terms, please stop using the green net software and services immediately. You will be deemed to have already accepted the revised Agreement if you continue to use the software and services provided by Green Net World.

1. IP Claims

This software is developed by Green Net World. All intellectual property rights and all the information related, including but not limited to: words and its combinations, icons, figure ornaments, charts, color, interface design, layout & framework, relevant data, printed materials or electronic documents are protected by the laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights.

1.2 Without any written consent of Green Net World, any individual or organization cannot implement, use, transfer above intellectual property rights for-profit or nonprofit purpose or permit any third party to do so. Green Net World reserves the right to investigate above unauthorized behavior.

2. The Software Mandate

2.1 This software product is only authorized for non-commercial purposes, cannot be sold or used in activities of commercial purposes.

2.2 For non-commercial purposes, you can install, use, display, run the software on the terminal device. For commercial purposes, you are not allowed to do so. Data released in any of the computer terminal memory or interactive data between client and server in the process of using this software is not allowed to copy, change, modify, mount or create any derivative works, ways include, but not limited to use plug-in, add-on or unauthorized third-party tool service to this software or related service.

2.3 Copying, distribution and dissemination: You can copy, distribute and disseminate this software based on non-commercial purpose, but you must ensure that each piece of your copy, distribution and dissemination must be complete and authentic, including all the software related to this software product, electronic documents, copyrights and declaration of trademarks, also includes this Agreement.

2.4 Software can be distributed independently or with other software, which may cause problems or dissensions. Copyright owner will not shoulder any of those responsibilities.

2.5 This Agreement allows you to use the software‘s record, restriction and screen-shot function only for legal content and ensure not to infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of any third party in the process of using this software.

3. Description of Other Rights and Privileges

3.1 Reverse engineering, decompile and disassemble are not allowed: You cannot reverse engineering, decompile and disassemble the software products, or alter and compile any of the resources within the program file. You need abide the restrictions of this Agreement unless above activities is expressly permitted by applicable law.

3.2 Division of components: This software product is authorized to use for being treated as a single product .Each part cannot be separated for any purpose.

3.3 Transfer of software products: You cannot transfer this software product (including all components, printed materials, any updated version, the Agreement, etc.) without retain any copy of our product. You may permanently transfer all its rights if the transferee accepts all terms of this Agreement. If this software product is the updated version, you must include all former versions of this software product when transferring.

3.4 Termination: If you fail to comply with this Agreement provisions, Green Net World has the right to terminate this Agreement without prejudice to any other rights. You must destroy the software product and all copies of its various parts.

3.5 Trademark: The Agreement does not grant you any related rights of trademark or service mark owned by Green Net World.

3.6 This software cannot be used for sale or used to dispatch with moneymaking software product or product suites. However, this software can be included in any free or nonprofit software product or product suits. At the same time you must ensure that the product suit you distribute contains all the files and hasn’t been changed.

3.7 Grant of Green Net World is necessary if any organization or individual wants to distribute re-product and disseminate this software for the public service and at the same time meet their own specific purpose. Or will be seen as infringement.

3.9 Copyright: The software products includes, but not limited to any images contained in this software product, animation, text, and additional programs (applets), the accompanying printed materials, and any copies of the software products’ ownership rights and intellectual property rights all belong to Green Net World. Ownership and intellectual property of those available visiting content when using this software belong to respective content owner and maybe protected by copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties. This Agreement does not grant you the right to use those contents.

4. Guarantee

4.1 No Guarantee: Green Net World hereby declares the use of this software product does not provide any guarantee. The copyright owner does not guarantee the suitability of this software product or any trouble-free generation; does not shoulder any responsibility for any theoretical or practical losses encountered by you when using this software.

4.2 No responsibility for loss: Green Net World does not shoulder any responsibility for accidents or direct losses(including benefit loss, business interruption, loss of information or any other economic loss) caused by any known, unknown or possible problems of this software product.

5. Dispute Resolution: Disputes that come from the use of this software or services are all applicable to the Laws of the People's Republic of China and can be submit to the Green Net World's local court for adjudication.

6. Registration

The software product is available to you. You can download it from the Internet for free, Green Net World (Fujian) Network Technologies Inc does not charge for any basic fees.

7. Collect

In order to improve the reliability and performance of this software, we will only collect information anonymously about how you use our software to identify trends and usage patterns.

We will not collect your name, address or any other personally identity information.

8. User Information Protection

8.1 Protecting privacy of users (especially juveniles) is a basic policy of the Green Net World. Therefore, if parents (guardian) hope juveniles (especially children aged below 10) to use this service, its applying for registration is in the name of parents (guardian).While using the service, parents should judge this service as guardian to see whether it is suitable for juveniles.

8.2 In the premise of not revealing individual users’ private information, Green Net World is entitled to conduct technical analysis of the entire user database and use the analyzed user database commercially. Although Green Net World has done a tremendous effort to user privacy protection, Green Net World still cannot guarantee the safety of existing technical measures to protect the user's technical information from any form of loss.

8.3 Without users’ consent, Green Net World will not disclose to any third party or share users’ name, personal ID number, contact information, family address, which is in registration information, except the following circumstances:

8.3.1 User or guardian authorizes Green Net World to disclose;

8.3.2 Relevant laws require Green Net World to disclose;

8.3.3 Judiciary or administrative authority requires Green Net World to provide based on legal procedure;

8.3.4 Green Net World discloses when filing a lawsuit or arbitration to safeguard its own legal rights and interests;

8.3.5 Provide the personal identifiable information of user to the legally requirement of their guardian;

8.3.6 Safeguard the public interest.

9. The service hotline: 4006-099-588

Website: please contact us

Green Net World has final interpretation to this Agreement within the extent permitted by law.